March 18, 2010

Marketing Events Just Got Easier I have been waiting to chat about this one for a while. I just wanted to make sure it lived up to the hype. I have been marketing events for many many years. From church events to more workshops than I can count. Marketing workshops can be difficult, costly, and very very time consuming. Eventbrite. The latest in online software, seems to have changed all that. They have managed to make marketing an event easy, stylish, and incredibly efficient. All that and it will integrate into your present website. Here are some key features: 1. Pay to Play - I think one of the best ways to market a seminar/workshop is to "charge" for it. Free workshops are often viewed by would be attenders as sales events or just not valuable enough to waist their time. I am amazed at how people are having luck by charging a reasonable amount for a "high value" event. If you are looking to charge, you can integrate payment right inside Eventbrite. Just enter your PayPal info and you are producing a high priced ticket. Try raising the stakes at your next event by making it a premium workshop with serious value. 2. Widgets R Us - Website are increasingly being filled with widgets from other social media and/or other productive software. The idea is to manage the item on one website while feeding in the data into yours. This allows you to add an RSVP button, how many tickets are available, or just create a more stylish page without being a web designer. Eventbrite has a very easy to use method of dropping these right into your website. Just cut and paste the embeded code and you are taking orders. 3. Free - Eventbrite offers a free service and allows you to upgrade...

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