March 17, 2010

Facebook, More Than A Web Page I have been marketing web pages for a long time now. Haven't counted how many I have built, maybe too many :) Once you are done building a web page, it is often frustratingly difficult to try and get people to come say hi. Even with perfect optimization and search marketing included, you have to keep reminding fans to come back. In the past this included a healthy email marketing campaign to remind people what was "new" and why they need to take another look. Just think about it unless it is your favorite page on the internet, you don't really think about it. That is why I am such a of fan of Facebook Pages. Due to the form and function of Facebook, people are reminded to take a look every time you post something new. Take a look at some of these numbers from Kristy Owen. The author of 365 Things To Do In Austin Texas. (Thanks Kristy for letting me show these) If you notice Kristy has an unbelievable amount of fan traffic. 13,427 visits per week. 19% of her total fan base. Sound high? It's actually lower by percentage than what I normally see. Expected for someone with such a high number of fans. Where Kristy really gets her mileage is the amount of people posting to her wall. She has over 2000 wall posts per week. WOW!! That is an active fan base. So why am I breaking this down for you? Well, because you would never get this kind of activity on the average web page. In fact on most Facebook Pages with 500 or less fans, I see almost a 1 to 1 ratio of fans to weekly traffic. That means on average "every fan" comes to your Page every week!!! I can...

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